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Plastic Chain and Plastic Posts

Plastic chain / UPVC chain has many uses; chain fence, car parks, barrier systems, public queuing systems, crowd control, garage forecourts, shop floors, fetes, shows, events as well as hanging signs and banners, theatrical stage props, etc. It is also used in shop window displays and many other applications.

When plastic chain is used for fencing for example creating barriers or partitions , we offer matching plastic posts / fencing posts. These are either free-standing with portable bases, or with a spiked base.

Our plastic chain is supplied in 25 metre lengths. Principle colours are white, red, red & white, yellow, black, black & yellow (health & safety colours), green & white, brown and copper colour. Other colours are available to special order.

Our plastic posts come complete with caps with loops which can be used in conjunction with various connector links to attach the chain. The spiked posts are suitable for outdoor use, where they can be sunk into soil or sand. The freestanding posts are designed to be used with the portable bases, giving a flexible solution to barrier control. The bases can be filled with either sand or water for additional stability.

Plastic chain can be attached to any posts (plastic or otherwise) using combinations of plastic connector links, “S” hooks, and zinc plated fixing staples; this gives you a one stop shop for all accessories.

Quality Our plastic chain (sometimes referred to as UPVC chain fencing) is manufactured to very high standards within the EU. We do not sell Far Eastern manufactured plastic chain which you might find on sale elsewhere. Colour and quality consistency is very important - especially when you re-order to match existing chain - our EU manufactured plastic chain delivers this every time.

Whether you need a metre or a mile of plastic chain, rigid quality control ensures consistent high quality products.

Price We offer the highest quality plastic chain at competitive prices. As a specialist chain company we hold very substantial stocks of plastic chain in all sizes and colours. Our discount structure for bulk purchases can beat every other supplier. Please call or email us for a quotation. We offer free delivery on values over 55.

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