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Security Chain & Padlocks

Motorcycles, on-site industrial equipment, garden tractors, boats and caravans………are all at risk of theft.

By using the correct security product, you will deter criminals from trying to steal your moveable property.

Our square-link chain provides the solution to attacks from hacksaws and bolt cutters. Double or triple heat treated, and with a tapering chain section, these chains offer outstanding resistance to criminal attacks. We offer both fabric covered sleeved chain and plastic coated sleeved chain.

Our technical staff can advise you on the best chain for your application, and the correct lock for the chain.

Your chain and lock are only as good as the anchor point they are secured to. Our technical staff will also advise you on the correct fixing for your new security equipment.

To achieve maximum security, you must have best chain, the best lock, and the best fixing.

Ashley Chains can provide all three, together with the best advice.

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